powerups for your browser

Aaron Boodman created Greasemonkey in 2005. I fell in love. All of a sudden any user could inject code into any webpage they visited.

Making the web yours!

Mashups. User Customization. Powerups.

I created this site with Britt Selvitelle to help share and find scripts.

It was based on Ruby on Rails. At its peak it had tens of thousands of scripts, millions of monthly visitors, and an extremely active api.

Userscripts.org Script Page

I really miss this project. I loved working on it. I loved how much power it gave to users. I loved working on all aspects of a website from sys-admin to front-end design. There was a high in going from a forum discussion to improving code to deploying a site serving hundreds of requests per second on a single server.

I had to shut it down due to the combination of life events, legal threats and increasing sophistication from "baddies" trying to abuse users (scripts running in the browser context could steal cookies or worse.)