It all started when Joshua McKenty called me and asks if I want to help on open data projects at NASA.

We spent over a year trying to cobble together existing open source tools to enable scientists/researchers/engineers/developers. We wanted to enable them to do their awesome science without focusing on all the drudgery of running a continous integration service, online code repostiories, application servers, online datasets, etc.

After some very painful attempts at using existing software, we grabbed some burritos and started developing what would become the compute part of OpenStack.

OpenStack Logo

Andy Smith termie, Vish Ishaya Abrams, Joshua McKenty, Todd Willey, Devin Carlen and myself worked to build something we could work for our needs at NASA. Soo Choi kept our company and the project moving forward at NASA, including mountains of paperwork and process needed to do "agile" the NASA way.

We switched over to running VMs for data.gov and a collection of NASA projects. Eventually we combined forces with Rackspace's object storage project to create the initial release of OpenStack.